A seemingly innocuous lead has Holmes learn of a dangerous scheme, a vicious criminal gang of Opium Smugglers intent on starting a drug war of global proportions.

A souped-up ‘steam punk’ed’ version of Victorian London is the backdrop for a dark, ‘tech espionage’ mystery that centres on the super-destructive use of Tesla and Babbage’s famous scientific achievements.
Part of this mystery is a notable missing person: Ada Lovelace, the legendary programmer; presumed to have been abducted for her inventive technical brain.

Infiltrate the criminal’s espionage operation, gather clues, collect evidence and reveal the motive… Actually no… ‘F’-that!……..Blow the enemy to smithereens instead with Bombs, Rockets and Terrible Machines that you built yourself in Sherlock’s Lab! …. Either way assist the master detective as he employs a series of extraordinary deductive & forensic processes and a whole lot of explosive steam punk hardware to find the missing girl and stop a premature end to the incredibly vibrant Victorian World …..

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  • Note: the concept artwork here does not represent final game art, game art is 3D to AA standard or greater