Solve The Mystery and Save the World Through Sneaky Stealth, Intensive Combat and eXtreme, eXplosive Hardware!

Choose to play as Sherlock or Watson, tool them up and then infiltrate the evil criminal operation…..

  • Sneak into a series of dangerous underworld locations in the heart of Victorian London including an Opium Den, Train Yard, Limehouse Docks, Circus Freak Show and a 19th century Zoo. Ride the Ferris Wheel, the train, the hansom cab or even a hot air balloon!
  • Experiment with a variety of tactics to traverse detailed, multi-layered environments to complete missions and sub-missions
  • Employ an array of clue and character tools, items and weapons to make progress
  • Retrieve secret data, clues, evidence and rewards
  • Tactically construct surveillance, set traps and place bombs………
  • Use Sherlock’s Lab to mix potent chemicals and make contraptions, vehicles and machines that help you in the game
  • Build your own rockets, bombs, weapons and traps and try them on your enemies!

Stealth Game-Play Design


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  • Note: the concept artwork here does not represent final game art, game art is 3D to AA standard or greater