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A laboratory of creation and a whole heap of fun….. Design & assemble the weapons, transport and tools you need to enter a mysterious, stealthy and engaging hack ‘n’ slash game.
Join us and help to bring the glass, the brass and the bombs to the Steam Punk world of Dark Sherlock.

Have a hand in the design and help us reach the stretch goals below to make the game truly extraordinary….

Stretch Goals

Pledge Information

So far we have raised $2,535 towards our $200,000 target! Thank you for your support.


THANK YOU! Pledging any amount you feel comfortable with will help us get Dark Sherlock to reach gamers all over the world. You will be personally listed as a contributor on the Dark Sherlock Web site and in the Dark Sherlock game credits!


In addition to a credit on our site and in the game, we’ll give you early access to the testing program and discussion forum even before the creation of a Beta community!


Your contribution of $45 or MORE entitles you to a limited edition download of the game with special content as well as in game credit and early discussion forum and testing access. Bonus! An exclusive set of four limited edition art cards.


Hey thank you so much! You are a real player and as such as well as receiving a limited edition of the game with additional content, art cards, in game credit and testing access above you will receive an exclusive DSH t-shirt and you will have a street in the Dark Sherlock Universe named after you!


For a $200 PLEDGE, as well as all the goodies above, you will receive a unique especially designed bedroom poster (including PDF version), an individual print of a game character, a credit on the site and a year’s full subscription membership to Dark Sherlock. Take part in the testing program!


This is a bumper bundle of goodies! All of the above plus a special pack of rare and exclusive in game items just for you! A limited edition print of an in game bad-guy with your face scanned and attached to a character in the poster and indeed, in the game.


Something just for you, exclusive, limited edition, original game art for your walls! These concept drawings and colour renders, printed and framed to a very high standard are second to none and will be used to help develop the actual game. Obviously, all the other goodies above are included too!


As well as all the goodies above including the game art and your face scanned into the game, this contribution gets you a visit to the studio and an opportunity to meet some of the team and see first-hand how the game is made.
Bonus! Your choice of physical Victorian Steam Punk accessory (goggles, pistol, pocket watch, deer stalker, satchel), a replica design, as used in game!


For 5 donors only! Donate $5,000 and along with all the goodies mentioned above, one of the main villains in the game will be modelled after you.
Bonus! Your choice of physical Victorian Steam Punk accessory (goggles, pistol, pocket watch, deer stalker, satchel), a replica design, as used in game!

Write to us at
  • 75 Park Lane
    CR9 1XS
  • Note: the concept artwork here does not represent final game art, game art is 3D to AA standard or greater