Sherlock’s Lab

Sherlock’s Lab! – A Game USP!

Create New Inventions & Machines, Build Weapons & Powerful Vehicles; Use them in the Game!

At his secret HQ, Sherlock takes a rest between missions. Here he invents and makes new machines, concocts new chemistry and tinkers with new weapons and gadgets….

  • Collect the plans and blueprints to assemble new suits, gadgets and gear!
  • Use both Chemistry & Biology to generate beneficial potions & helpful creatures
  • Build a hot air balloon & other gadgets and machines to travel to unreachable hidden locations!
    Invent extraordinary weapons and bombs and unleash their power in the game!
  • Utilise the electric mega-phone and steam-calendar, great new devices, to quickly communicate with Dr. Watson and plan your next steps!
  • Free ‘taster’ parts for assembly will be emailed to the beta community and prospective audience ahead of release to grow the community and pre-sales.
Write to us at
  • 75 Park Lane
    CR9 1XS
  • Note: the concept artwork here does not represent final game art, game art is 3D to AA standard or greater